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Open debate is the foundation of democracy. We promote the 1st amendment by providing an online, virtual, public square to voice your opinions freely.


What is the mission or purpose of this site?

Digital Square has been created to facilitate debate, discussion, and discovery as it pertains to topics of public interest. Clearly, the opportunity to express one’s personal opinion has been stifled on a variety of popular internet platforms. Digital Square seeks to address this underserved audience.

How is this site funded?

This site is funded through the generous donation of volunteers’ time.

Who is responsible for the content displayed on this site?

The content on this site is curated and published by the site operator and registered Contributors.

Is it legal for this site to curate content that belongs to third-party sources?

Yes! Digital Square takes every precaution to operate within the confines of the law. This site follows Harvard’s Best Practices Guidelines under Fair Use while respecting all Copyright laws. Further, facts and subjects that involve public interest are fair game. Our commenting platform provides a transformative experience for an audience of users who would not otherwise be exposed to the original publisher’s content. Finally, we provide traffic to and attribute credit to the original source in all posts.

How do I comment on content?
All commenters are required to register at the Digital Square. Create an account HERE to participate in the discussion. If you’re sick and tired of truth being buried and your voice being silenced, we encourage you to register; even, consider becoming a Contributor.
What is meant by 'Contributor'?

Contributors assist with curating content for discussion at the Digital Square. This allows for a more well-rounded presentation of information. Best of all, it’s totally FREE to participate.

How do I become a Contributor?

Tick the checkbox on the  registration form to express interest in becoming a Contributor. As a contributor, you will be authorized to clip and recommend content from ANY website for consideration to be published in ‘the square’ for debate and discovery using a provided bookmarklet tool. The entire process only takes a matter of minutes to nominate content.

How do I delete my account?

If you would like to delete your account, send an email to: info@digitalsquare.news.

Special Thanks

We would like to give an extra special thanks to the mainstream mogul media outlets who made this project possible by removing the commenting capability from their sites, thus opening the door to a new, transformative experience at the Digital Square.

Here, the PEOPLE will control the narrative through TRUTH, not the MEDIA through their contrived PROPAGANDA.

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Digital Square would like to invite correspondence from any individual, group, or organization who is willing to partner, devote resources, or leverage technologies to expand our reach and bring awareness to our ‘open discussions’ project. Please fill out the contact form and a representative will follow up with you in the next 48 hours. Thanks for your interest!

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